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About Us

HAMREC is a 501(c)3 membership civic organization registered under New York state laws since April 2023.

       Our pro-tempore team of directors and advisors work as thinkers and writers on Haiti's sociopolitical and economic issues. Through weekly debates and periodic publications, we provide analysis, opinions, expert presentations, and solutions to issues impacting Haitians. We operate as a community-organizing team that aims to influence federal and local policies that affect the Haitian community. As navigators, We locate community resources to help Haitians build a more decent environment for their loved ones. Through a user-friendly online smart search membership catalog, the committee will continue to facilitate access to the necessary resources and opportunities for the advancement of Haitians. We also offer low-cost programs and services that can empower Haitian individuals.

       HAMREC is neither a political party nor do we promote any political group. We are a group of Haitian leaders with diverse political perspectives that frequently meet to identify areas of agreement for Haiti's future. We are not a humanitarian relief organization, but we remain vigilant about what other charitable organizations do with donations for Haitian causes. We are not an activist group, but we advocate for the collective. HAMREC does not compete against any other organizations fighting for a better Haiti. Our publications are objective and well-researched to inform in good faith. HAMREC fights incompetence, injustice, impunity, and corruption in Haitian governance. Our primary focus is not distributing free items or providing free services to low-income individuals. We only inform our communities of the availability of such resources. We offer awareness, guidance, leadership, change management and a framework that facilitates access.

1. We exist to collect and publicize available resources for the benefit of the Haitian community. We are a think tank that concentrates on researching and publishing information about creative solutions in Education, Food & Nutrition, healthcare, housing, and jobs. Moreover, we assist the community in accessing and utilizing these resources effectively.

2.  We envision an informed community of Haitian heritage with easy access to a comprehensive collection of resources on affordable housing, food, education, healthcare, job opportunities and many others.
3. Leading with integrity, courage, judgement, collaboration, honesty, humanity, and faith in God while fighting for dignity, fairness, and justice for our Haitian brothers and sisters and respecting the rights of all other ethnic groups.


HOW we make our vision a reality:

  • Establish a presence in the US and Haiti.
  • Create a coalition large enough to endorse individuals or groups who can fight for Haitian interests.
  • Collaborate with other organizations and Haitian Businesses to share resources.
  • Foster an environment where 250+ people can join hands to volunteer for the cause.
  • Leverage disruptive innovations in education and healthcare projects in Haiti.

Our informatics committee collects, analyzes, and disseminates valuable data on resources catering to the Haitian community's needs.

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