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Haitian   American   Resources   Committee

Defining the Name

    The phrase "Haitian American" usually connotes an individual of Haitian descent who lives in the US and acquires the US nationality. At HAMREC, we embrace every individual of Haitian descent worldwide.

   Many Haitian immigrants lack information on government services and policies that can impact their well-being. HAMREC aims to provide a platform to obtain the information on the resources they need.

   Anything of value that can contribute to an individual or group's social or economic welfare is a resource. To satisfy human needs, a resource must be exploitable. Resources encompass money, information, human capital, raw materials, arable land, tourist sites, private and public services, technology, art, and many others.

   As a committee, we gather periodically to think, consult, collect, inform, and propose solutions on accessible resources for Haitians. The team looks at ways to turn these resources into tangible value that benefits all. Our activities also involve publications and public awareness of sociopolitical issues. The current administrative body temporarily acts as a think tank.

The organization will carry out the following activities per its stated objectives of unifying the diaspora:

  • Promote freedom and the advancement of Haitian-born individuals by mutual self-help and the exercise of democracy.
  • Encourage participation in all decision-making processes and activities impacting the lives of large groups of individuals of Haitian descent worldwide.
  • Embrace our differences fraternally while holding to high standards our shared values and principles at home and abroad.
  • Increase public awareness of sociopolitical issues and activities.
  • Disseminate the best practices and knowledge about non-profit programs that can help Haiti's development.
  • Strengthen capacity building and monitor the performance and progress of different programs over time.
  • Offer high-demand online training to young professionals
  • Leverage disruptive innovations to leapfrog the need for expensive infrastructure

   HAMREC started as a non-partisan social club in July 2020 as a reaction to the unfavorable portrayal of Haiti in the news. The 72 people who attended the first meeting spoke in details about the structural erosion of the country's socioeconomic pillars. They attributed the failure of Haiti to corruption, lack of vision, incompetence, impunity, complete disregard for the collective, international interference, lack of academic training, and, more importantly, inadequate management of the country's resources. Simply put, we have been under terrible governance for 220+ years.

   The idea of forming and incorporating the organization in May 2023 came from the need to serve and give back to our community. The team envisioned a better image for the Haitians. The advancement of our brothers and sisters depends on the adequate use of all the means and resources available. It is an effort that requires good leadership values.

The philosopher Charles Handy once said, "Things need management; people need leadership."

"Ayisyen, nou tout konsène"

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