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 Reclaiming Control of Haiti's Resources.

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HAMREC is dedicated to promoting the sustainable development and utilization of Haiti's resources, both natural and human, for the betterment of its people. Our organization focuses on several key areas:

  1. Integration and Coordination: Recognizing the importance of integrating and coordinating Haiti's human capital and other capabilities across all sectors of the economy. Using a holistic approach to developx, ensuring that all resources are utilized efficiently and effectively.

  2. Education and Motivation: Engaging in efforts to educate and motivate individuals about the significance of Haiti's resources, both within the country and among the Haitian diaspora. This helps foster a sense of ownership and responsibility toward the nation's development.

  3. Service Provision: Assisting low-income individuals in accessing federal and local services in the US, which likely helps support the Haitian community abroad and strengthens connections between the diaspora and developments in Haiti.

  4. Management and Innovation: Devising management plans, celebrating successful initiatives, and promoting innovation. Employing a proactive approach to problem-solving and a commitment to finding new and effective ways to utilize resources.

  5. Communication and Knowledge Sharing: Producing blogs and publications to disseminate information about HAMREC's purpose and initiatives, serving as tools for members and allies interested in supporting Haiti's development.

  6. Equitable Access: Prioritizing equitable community access to essential resources such as food, housing, healthcare, jobs, and education. Aligning with the broader goal of promoting social justice and improving the quality of life for all Haitians.

The Haitian proverb "Grès kochon an, ap kwit kochon an" underscores the importance of using resources wisely and efficiently, highlighting a value system that prioritizes sustainability and responsible stewardship.

 HAMREC's key priorities reflect a comprehensive approach to development that seeks to harness Haiti's diverse resources for the benefit of its people while promoting equity, sustainability, and innovation.

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