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What do our navigators do?

  • WE Act as liaisons or as consultants who inform on the benefits and resources available in the community. The navigators can help low-income families gain access and understand social programs.
  • WE make sure stability, economic growth, and individual well-being are the cornerstones of our vision for the Haitian community. Alternatively put, we see Haitians living a decent life anywhere in the world.
  • WE make sure expertise and enthusiasm of our Navigators in the areas of social work, advocacy, and human services may be used to benefit the Haitian community.
  • WE as a Community Resource Navigator, we assist participants to acquire public benefits through Outreach, Access, and Recovery programs.
  • WE look to leverage the knowledge and skills of certified workers.

Whats Offered?







What is HAMREC'S primary focus?

With options including housing aid, rental assistance, healthcare assistance, help with distance learning, food assistance, and many other community resources, HAMREC offers support to families to navigate the federal and local programs that are available to low-income individuals.


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