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Our team is comprised of well-educated professionals who are equipped to help you progress in you own academic ventures!

Our E-academy stands as the focal point of HAMREC's commitment to educate and empower lives. We are dedicated to the mission of equipping young professionals with sought-after skills through online learning.

Our vision and goal is to see our graduates successfully navigate our professional certification programs, engage in impactful research, and emerge as entrepreneurs across diverse industries.




Opportunities to work with emerging technologies and techniques are made more accessible by aquiring new skillsets through professional certification!

In-Demand Skills

There is great importance to obtaining a professional certificate. Most hiring firms require specialization in a specific area as a condition in their job offers. Ask yourself, do you have a unique human capital?

Job Seeking

To succeed, professionals must continually improve their talent portfolios. This ongoing development is a strategy for responding to stakeholder demands, including those of consumers, suppliers, and vendors.

Earnings Potential

Search for listings that offer work/pay bonuses in exchange for utilizing your unique skills. Hiring managers can go to great lengths to offer an excellent salary to a candidate that meets their criteria.

In-Demand Skills - 

Medical providers earn a living by performing different procedures daily on multiple patients. On top of that, their licensure gives them legal exclusivity to perform their tasks. Certified professionals in other industries are no different. The only variance is in the kind of services rendered and the licensure that is required.

Job seeking -

Most businesses favor people who show up prepared and knowledgeable as valuable resources! Additionally, businesses focus more on certain skillsets while hiring rather than one's conventional four-year academic degree. Our e-academy is here to provide you with the platform necesssary to acquire these skills.

Earning potential - 

The candidates may set themselves apart from other experts in their areas thanks to the e-training and certification programs we offer. Acquiring a professional certificate proves that an applicant has undergone training, which only further signifies your devotion to mastering and succeeding in your field. A job applicant with a college degree and/or professional certification always stands out from the competition--piquing hiring managers' interest and highlighting your worth as a potential worker.

Job creation -

Job candidates can only move forward in their careers when they tie job experience to professional certification. HAMREC e-academy can provide the solid foundation that is needed for you to excel in your field. We also offer a unique opportunity for professional-transformation wherein you can obtain the necessary tools and practices to start your own busuiness and contracting firms. By becoming an Independent Consultant, you could free yourself from the mindset of job-seeking to the mindset of employee/customer-seeking.

Want to learn more? You may contact us with all inquiries through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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